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Awesome to be rare

Píseň Awesome to be rare byla vydána 4. prosince roku 2014 a sloužila jako propagace nedávného vydání nové aplikace Puffle Wild na iOS.

Celá píseň je vlastně oslavnou ódou pufflího jednorožce o tom, jak je krásný.

Původní text

Myths say, my tears heal wounds I'll save you from a fall; That I can't be caught, And no, I'm not a narwhal! So it is finally time for my closeup Um, did you know I can freeze time? A unicorn is better than a unibrow, Yeah, I'm pretty sublime! And here's my debut, debut (debut, debut!) I will amaze you, amaze you (amaze you, amaze you!) I'm a powerhouse of match three love It's awesome to be rare (awesome to be rare) And here's my debut! Look how grand I'm adorned I'm a wild puffle unicorn; let's talk about my horn It's stronger than steel More gorgeous than gems! Who's the rarest of them all? I'm sure we'll be good friends! So here I am on the platform Take a picture if you dare! I'm all about frou-frou! Let's talk about my hair Made of... pure rainbow sheen! I can't help it, don't be jealous! It's the unicorn geneee! (and it is his debut, debut) I'm amazing! (and he'll amaze you, amaze you) I'm gorgeous! I'm so mythical, please don't stare It's awesome to be rare (awesome to be rare) (his debut, debut) You tell 'em, guys! (and he'll amaze you, amaze you) Neigh! I'm a powerhouse of match three love; It's awesome to be raaaareeee! (awesome to be rare) It's awesome to be rare. Neigh!